The past half decade has seen many additional meetings following the initiation of this fruitful collaboration.  Over a dozen sessions between Nigerian, American, and Canadian team members have occurred in Africa and North America - and several research research publications based on these efforts have been produced (please visit the wider study publication page here).  A complete accounting of this work can be found here (downloads a PDF summary of the project).
Operation Stop
Cervical Cancer

Additional trips (2006 onwards)
+ plans moving forward
The overall major accomplishments of this effort so far include:
  • Establishment of a partnership with dedicated Nigerian health professionals to create a cervical cancer control program in Nigeria that is based on World Health Organization guidelines.

  • Selection of six clinical performance sites in Nigeria and vetting of these sites to assess needs in terms of equipment, supplies, and training.

  • Delivery of equipment, supplies, and training to Nigeria that allowed six clinics to begin screening and treatment for cervical cancers and precancers

  • Equipping a full-service pathology laboratory in Ibadan with sophisticated devices for automated reading of cytology specimens

  • Bringing to Nigeria the training and technological resources needed to begin and maintain a population-based cancer registry that will track cases and help assess risk factors over time.
Going forward, the program project team will build on the above efforts to bring forward low-cost screening technologies to improve cervical cancer outcomes in Nigeria.  At each study site, the team will continue to push for uniform data management and reporting, complete development of see-and-treat methodologies for use with automated screening devices, work to equip all sites with the means to care for women with invasive cancer.  The team is also aiming to complete a healthcare barrier study and coordinate with Nigerian stakeholders to plan the future of the program. 

Given its previous on-the-ground successes and its very robust network of international collaborators, the Operation Stop Cervical Cancer in Nigeria effort will continue to make a substantial contribution to improving women's health in Nigeria.