Optical Devices and Molecular Imaging for Cervical Neoplasia

Project Publications
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  • Shadeo A, Chari R, Lonergan KM, Pusic A, Miller D, Ehlen T, Van Niekerk D, Matisic J, Richards-Kortum R, Follen M, Guillaud M, Lam WL, MacAulay C. Up regulation in gene expression of chromatin remodelling factors in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. BMC Genomics 2008;9:64.  (pdf)

  • Redden Weber C, Schwarz RA, Atkinson EN, Cox DD, Macaulay C, Follen M, Richards-Kortum R. Model-based analysis of reflectance and fluorescence spectra for in vivo detection of cervical dysplasia and cancer. J Biomed Opt 2008;13:064016.  (pdf)

  • Pruitt SL, Parker PA, Follen M, Basen-Engquist K. Communicating colposcopy results: what do patients and providers discuss? J Low Genit Tract Dis 2008;12:95-102.  (pdf)

  • Park SY, Follen M, Milbourne A, Rhodes H, Malpica A, MacKinnon N, MacAulay C, Markey MK, Richards-Kortum R. Automated image analysis of digital colposcopy for the detection of cervical neoplasia. J Biomed Opt 2008;13:014029.  (pdf)

  • Cox DD, Lee JS. Pointwise Testing with Functional Data Using the Westfall-Young Randomization Method. Biometrika 2008;95:621–34.  (pdf)

  • Cardenas-Turanzas M, Nogueras-Gonzalez GM, Scheurer ME, Adler-Storthz K, Benedet JL, Beck JR, Follen M, Cantor SB. The performance of human papillomavirus high-risk DNA testing in the screening and diagnostic settings. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2008;17:2865-71.  (pdf)

  • Cardenas-Turanzas M, Follen M, Nogueras-Gonzalez GM, Benedet JL, Beck JR, Cantor SB. The accuracy of the Papanicolaou smear in the screening and diagnostic settings. J Low Genit Tract Dis 2008;12:269-75.  (pdf)

  • Cantor SB, Cardenas-Turanzas M, Cox DD, Atkinson EN, Nogueras-Gonzalez GM, Beck JR, Follen M, Benedet JL. Accuracy of colposcopy in the diagnostic setting compared with the screening setting. Obstet Gynecol 2008;111:7-14.  (pdf)
  • Van Niekerk D, Guillaud M, Matisic J, Benedet JL, Freeberg JA, Follen M, MacAulay C. p16 and MIB1 improve the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnosis of high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions: methodological issues in a report of 447 biopsies with consensus diagnosis and HPV HCII testing. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S233-40.  (pdf)

  • Thiberville C, Guillaud M, Lockwood W, Lam W, Follen M, MacAulay C. Multi-scale system biology applied to cervical inter-epithelial neoplasia. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S72-82.  (pdf)

  • Shinn E, Basen-Engquist K, Crain B, Follen M. A theory-aided dissemination strategy for emerging technologies in cervical cancer screening. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S35-9.  (pdf)

  • Shadeo A, Chari R, Vatcher G, Campbell J, Lonergan KM, Matisic J, van Niekerk D, Ehlen T, Miller D, Follen M, Lam WL, MacAulay C. Comprehensive serial analysis of gene expression of the cervical transcriptome. BMC Genomics 2007;8:142.  (pdf)

  • Scheurer ME, Guillaud M, Tortolero-Luna G, McAulay C, Follen M, Adler-Storthz K. Human papillomavirus-related cellular changes measured by cytometric analysis of DNA ploidy and chromatin texture. Cytometry B Clin Cytom 2007;72:324-31.  (pdf)

  • Scheurer ME, Guillaud M, Tortolero-Luna G, Follen M, Adler-Storthz K. Epidemiologic modeling of cervical dysplasia with molecular and cytopathological markers. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S163-9.  (pdf)

  • Scheurer ME, Dillon LM, Chen Z, Follen M, Adler-Storthz K. Absolute quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction for the measurement of human papillomavirus E7 mRNA in cervical cytobrush specimens. Infect Agent Cancer 2007;2:8.  (pdf)

  • Saldivar JS, Wu X, Follen M, Gershenson D. Nucleotide excision repair pathway review I: implications in ovarian cancer and platinum sensitivity. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S56-71.  (pdf)

  • Saldivar JS, Lu KH, Liang D, Gu J, Huang M, Vlastos AT, Follen M, Wu X. Moving toward individualized therapy based on NER polymorphisms that predict platinum sensitivity in ovarian cancer patients. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S223-9.  (pdf)

  • Roblyer D, Richards-Kortum R, Park SY, Adewole I, Follen M. Objective screening for cervical cancer in developing nations: lessons from Nigeria. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S94-7.  (pdf)

  • Richards-Kortum R, Buckley D, Schwarz RA, Atkinson EN, Follen M. A translational bioengineering course provides substantial gains in civic scientific literacy. Ann Biomed Eng 2007;35:1324-32.  (pdf)

  • Pikkula BM, Shuhatovich O, Price RL, Serachitopol DM, Follen M, McKinnon N, MacAulay C, Richards-Kortum R, Lee JS, Atkinson EN, Cox DD. Instrumentation as a source of variability in the application of fluorescence spectroscopic devices for detecting cervical neoplasia. J Biomed Opt 2007;12:034014.  (pdf)

  • Pham B, Earle N, Rabel K, Follen M, Scheurer ME. Maximizing the diversity of participants in a phase II clinical trial of optical technologies to detect cervical neoplasia. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S208-14.  (pdf)

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  • Miller D, Okolo CA, Mirabal Y, Guillaud M, Arulogun OS, Oladepo O, Crain B, Follen M, Adewole IF. Knowledge dissemination and evaluation in a cervical cancer screening implementation program in Nigeria. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S196-207.  (pdf)

  • Lee JS, Follen M, MacAulay C, Pikkula B, Serachitopol D, Price R, Cox D. Sources of variability in fluorescence spectroscopic measurements in a Phase II clinical trial of 850 patients. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S260-9.  (pdf)

  • Kneller JM, Ehlen T, Matisic JP, Miller D, Van Niekerk D, Lam WL, Marra M, Richards-Kortum R, Follen M, Macaulay C, Jones SJ. Using LongSAGE to Detect Biomarkers of Cervical Cancer Potentially Amenable to Optical Contrast Agent Labelling. Biomark Insights 2007;2:447-61.  (pdf)

  • Guillaud M, Richards-Kortum R, Follen M. Paradigm shift: a new breed of pathologist. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S46-9.  (pdf)

  • Guillaud M, Benedet JL, Follen M, Crain BT, MacAulay C. Scan-and-treat methodology using Azure A fast stain as a cost-effective cervical cancer screening alternative to visual inspection with acetic acid. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S256-9.  (pdf)

  • Freeberg JA, Serachitopol DM, McKinnon N, Price R, Atkinson EN, Cox DD, MacAulay C, Richards-Kortum R, Follen M, Pikkula B. Fluorescence and reflectance device variability throughout the progression of a phase II clinical trial to detect and screen for cervical neoplasia using a fiber optic probe. J Biomed Opt 2007;12:034015.  (pdf)

  • Freeberg JA, Benedet JL, West LA, Atkinson EN, MacAulay C, Follen M. The clinical effectiveness of fluorescence and reflectance spectroscopy for the in vivo diagnosis of cervical neoplasia: an analysis by phase of trial design. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S270-80.  (pdf)

  • Freeberg JA, Benedet JL, MacAulay C, West LA, Follen M. The performance of fluorescence and reflectance spectroscopy for the in vivo diagnosis of cervical neoplasia; point probe versus multispectral approaches. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S248-55.  (pdf)

  • Follen M, Peek K, Crain BT. New pathways to educate future translational researchers: early education for undergraduates. Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S50-5.  (pdf)

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  • Collier T, Guillaud M, Follen M, Malpica A, Richards-Kortum R. Real-time reflectance confocal microscopy: comparison of two-dimensional images and three-dimensional image stacks for detection of cervical precancer. J Biomed Opt 2007;12:024021.  (pdf)

  • Cardenas-Turanzas M, Freeberg JA, Benedet JL, Atkinson EN, Cox DD, Richards-Kortum R, MacAulay C, Follen M, Cantor SB. The clinical effectiveness of optical spectroscopy for the in vivo diagnosis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: where are we? Gynecol Oncol 2007;107:S138-46.  (pdf)

  • Basen-Engquist K, Fouladi RT, Cantor SB, Shinn E, Sui D, Sharman M, Follen M. Patient assessment of tests to detect cervical cancer. Int J Technol Assess Health Care 2007;23:240-7.  (pdf)

  • Arifler D, Pavlova I, Gillenwater A, Richards-Kortum R. Light scattering from collagen fiber networks: micro-optical properties of normal and neoplastic stroma. Biophys J 2007;92:3260-74.  (pdf)

  • Aaron J, Nitin N, Travis K, Kumar S, Collier T, Park SY, Jose-Yacaman M, Coghlan L, Follen M, Richards-Kortum R, Sokolov K. Plasmon resonance coupling of metal nanoparticles for molecular imaging of carcinogenesis in vivo. J Biomed Opt 2007;12:034007.  (pdf)
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  • Zhu H, Vannucci M, Cox DD. A bayesian hierarchical model for classification with selection of functional predictors. Biometrics 2010;66:463-73.  (pdf)

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  • Okolo C, Franceschi S, Adewole I, Thomas JO, Follen M, Snijders PJ, Meijer CJ, Clifford GM. Human papillomavirus infection in women with and without cervical cancer in Ibadan, Nigeria. Infect Agent Cancer 2010;5:24.  (pdf)

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